PEMEX Stations Drop Gas Prices in Baja California

The gas wars have started. As Mexico’s energy reforms redefine the petroleum industry, consumers are beginning to see some of the effects.

Several Pemex gas stations in Baja California have dropped their prices following the lead taken by two stations in Puebla two weeks ago. In Baja, prices were cut by 30 centavos, a rare occurrence in a country where gas prices used to go up every month, a practice that ended in December.

One Puebla station has dropped its prices by seven and eight centavos, while the second began offering discounts of 17 and 18 centavos for Magna and Premium grades, respectively, on Sundays only.


The discounts were introduced to drive more sales, which were reported to be down.

Grupo Eco is the owner of the 31 Baja California Pemex franchises that have reduced prices. It has stations in Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate, Rosarito, Ensenada, Nogales, San Quintín and San Felipe.

New energy legislation establishes a maximum price for gasoline this year and next, after which the market will be open to all comers and Pemex franchisees will have the option of switching to new suppliers in the marketplace.

There is also a minimum price, that which the stations pay to Pemex Refining, below which, they cannot go.


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