World’s First Underwater Oxygen Bar Opens in Cozumel, Mexico

Located at Carnival’s Puerta Maya port in Cozumel, Mexico; Clear Lounge Underwater Oxygen Bar is the first of its kind in the whole World.

Sub Sea systems has completed the construction and installation of Clear Lounge, the World’s first underwater oxygen, located bar in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Jim Mayfield, Sub Sea Systems President declared: ” We’re excited to introduce such an innovative underwater attraction, this experience will be one of the hottest trends in entertainment.
Clear Lounge is truly a unique social novelty. It’s incredibly fun, memorable and an acivity guests are excited to share and talk about”.


Imagine inhaling the reinvigorating scent of peppermint as a calm, cooling sensation overtakes your body. You feel rejuvenated, relaxed and like you just woke up from a great night’s sleep. Another breath in and you feel light, crisp, clear, and ready to take on this adventure. You smile as you enjoy the unique sensation, and let your eyes take in the beauty of the underwater world around you. This is the multi-sensory, clear lounge experience.



In clear lounge, you can select to experience ambient air, air enhanced with an exclusive aromatherapy blend, concentrated oxygen, or a combination of aromatherapy and oxygen. Whichever option you select, we’re confident you’ll have an exceptionally unique experience.


For those guests who have selected an aromatherapy blend, our bartenders will be serving up exclusive clear lounge aromas. If you need a pick-me-up, you can try the stimulating citrus infused peppermint; for a more tranquil experience the lavender or jasmine aromas are recommended; and for the adventurous, clear lounge will also be offering exotic, fun aromas such as piña colada, appletini or fuzzy navel*!

clear lounges’ combination of aromatherapy and concentrated oxygen will yield the ultimate body-boosting experience. After the session, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed; some oxygen bar enthusiasts even say that the concentrated oxygen alleviates symptoms of hangovers, headaches and sinus problems.


All clear lounge experiences begin with a brief health questionnaire and liability release form, followed by a 5-minute video orientation. If you’re not already in swimwear, you can use the on-site dressing rooms to change. Secure lockers are provided for your personal belongings.


The underwater experience is approximately 20-25 minutes. The fresh water is maintained at a comfortable temperature of 87˚F (31˚C), and water quality is computer managed with a high level of constant filtration and a salt generator for salt-water chlorination.

A typical tour schedule is as follows:

1. Sign-up
Group arrives; you each complete and sign the waiver, change into swimwear & store your belongings in lockers.

2. The Briefing
A staff member leads an orientation and safety briefing using a short video presentation.

3. Entry
A staircase leads you to the water entry platform on the 2nd level, and then you enter the water one-by-one with the assistance of the Surface Attendant. You’ll descend a vertical ladder until the water is at your shoulder level, then the Surface Attendant will place the SeaTREK helmet onto your shoulders. The Safety Diver in the water will assist you to the bottom of the tank and then will repeat the steps with the remaining guests.

4. Aromatherapy + Oxygen
Concentrated oxygen with a blend of aromatherapy (should you select this option) will be delivered from the moment the helmet is placed on your shoulders. Our bar tenders will be serving up exclusive clear lounge aromatherapy blends. Aromas may include:

mintRefreshing and invigorating peppermint-eucalyptus;
lavenderPeaceful, calming and relaxing lavender;
citrusBright, crisp, energizing citrus.

* Aromatherapy options will vary.

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