Lovers Beach: either the first or the last beach in the Californias

Lovers’ Beach, near the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula, about 1,100 miles south of Los Angeles, is one of Cabo San Lucas’ emblematic attractions.

“La Playa del Amor” is located on the Sea of Cortez side of Land’s End at Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja Califorina Sur, Mexico.

It is the photogenic marvel hidden behind Land’s End featured in many of the travel ads for Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos.

Ironically though, it’s delightfully small and difficult to get to on foot.


Depending on where you stand, this spot is either the first beach in the Californias or the last.

Most tourists reach it by a five-minute ride from the city waterfront via a water taxi, a quick trip that puts money into the pockets of local watermen still struggling after the damage wrought by Hurricane Odile in late 2014.

The arch at the tip of Cabo San Lucas (Photo: Google)
The arch at the tip of Cabo San Lucas (Photo: Google)

Like the rest of the Los Cabos resort area, this territory is part of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Besides the beach at Land’s End, you see rock formations smoothed by eons of tides and a grab-bag of watercraft, from fishermen’s pangas and tourist kayaks to enormous cruise ships.

Lovers Beach (Google)

And then, just as the land peters out, El Arco rises to form a dramatic arch over the last little bit (or maybe it’s the first) of the Californias.


As we all know, Los Cabos, or just Cabo, is the tourist destination upgraded in 2012 with newly paved roads and a new international airport terminal, much of it undone last autumn by Hurricane Odile, the category-3 surprise that ravaged the region and stranded some 30,000 tourists.

While evidence of the damage remains in construction crews and shorn palm trees, most of the resorts have reopened; two new golf courses, including the first from Tiger Woods, have opened; and Delta Air Lines began seasonal direct flights from JFK in December.

To experience different adventures in Cabo, you can rent a car to explore the peninsula’s less explicit charms, including surf breaks, organic farms, the Baja desert and a pair of art-centric colonial towns.

Its less commercial twin town, San José del Cabo, features a colonial mission cathedral, cobblestone streets and a town square where local families gather nightly. Many of those streets are lined with art galleries that have made the village a collector’s draw.

For those who enjoy nightlife, Cabo San Lucas is well-known for popular clubs and tequila bars such as Cabo Wabo, El Squid Roe, Giggling Marlin, Baja Brewing Company and more in the heart of the downtown area.


Photo Courtesy of Laurie Edwards-Tate ©2015

Photo Courtesy of Laurie Edwards-Tate ©2015

There is everything you need in Cabo for a World Class vacation, relaxing spas, well-established hotels and resorts, some of which are world renowned, luxurious amenities, but also tranquil surroundings, which beautify or relax the body and enrich the soul.

Cabo San Lucas creates an environment of complete relaxation and peacefulness which is available for any visitor who is ready to enjoy it, and once you get there, you will realize everything begins (or ends) at Lovers Beach…

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