Mexican Government reaction over Chapo Guzman´s Escape

Alfredo Azcárate Varela/BAJA POST


After two times in jail and two spectacular breakouts, Joaquín Guzmán Loera (aka “El Chapo” or shorty in English) has proved that Mexico´s Justice System is rotten to the core, as almost everything else in this country, worldwide famous for corruption and drug trafficking. In 2001 he escaped disguised as a police officer, this time he fled through a mile long tunnel.

Guzmán fled Almoloya Penitentiary where he was supposed to be under a 24/7 watch, with two custodians exclusively for him, cameras all over the place and a permanent Security Operation on him. In spite of all the security and international certifications granted to this correctional facility, he allegedly got away through a sophisticated tunnel mysteriously built without anyone noticing.

Mexicans would like to say and show the world that Mexico is more than that, but it is hard to do so when Government plays the starring role in one scandal after another, and faces the media by looking reporters in the eye and lie, justifying corrupt business and raising taxes to support an ever growing and decaying political system.

President Peña and most of his Cabinet, were flying to France, in a state visit that included 400 guests, all of them charging their travel expenses to the Mexican taxpayers. Was it a coincidence that the drug lord chose this particular date to get away from jail? As soon as he learned about the problem, President Peña sent back his State Department Secretary, Miguel Osorio to rake charge of the problem.

In an infamous Press Conference, Osorio showed what has become Mexican Government officials attitude towards problems: Self-indulgence and a patronizing discourse as if they were addressing children and not adults, looking for patsies more than real culprits for the situation, which (this time) involved the jail breakout of one of the most wanted criminals all over the world, Mr. Osorio said that this crisis wouldn’t make him quit his job and went with a speech that no one utterly understood, just loose words and excuses that didn´t add up to an elaborate discourse on the matter.

Facing the press along with General Attorney Arely Gomez and Security Commissioner Alejandro Rubido, Osorio started by telling that Almoloya Penitentiary has International Certifications, looking nervous but not angry or upset, he looked as if he were in a plain, normal, routine Press Conference. After “going around the bush” for several minutes, Ms. Gomez also spoke to the press and offered a 3.5 million dollar reward for Mr. Guzmán, which is an illusion because every Mexican knows that pointing the finger at Chapo would mean death for him/her and all her family.

A few minor Government and Almoloya Penitentiary officials were detained and questioned, Almoloya Warden has been arraigned and will be tried for helping the drug kingpin escape, still there has to be more than that in this strange and sad case which has gone to show how corrupt and inefficient is the Government in Mexico, and Chapo´s escape is only the beginning, deaths and revenge are expected with Mr. Guzmán on the loose, this is hardly over.


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