Major Wildfires Sweep Across Baja California Sur

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). So far this year, 1,940 hectares (4 793.8 acres) in Baja California Sur have been consumed by wildfires.

The number of fires already surpassed the 31 that occurred last year, although the affected area was lower so far this year.

Wildfire in San José de Comondú, BCS (Photo:
Wildfire in San José de Comondú, BCS (Photo:

Alfredo Nolasco, Manager of the National Forests Commission (Comisión Nacional Forestal: CONAFOR), said that “people residing within these fire-prone ecosystems need to improve the way they manage the risk of living in an atmosphere of these conditions; communities have to be better organized in Civil Protection matters, and the government has to support them in their organization”.

Conafor staff toured the area to identify the main points of risk for forest fires with the aim of implementing a new system of fire prevention.



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