TRUMP is a threat for World Democracy



Donald Trump showed his real intellectual capabilities and limitations in a debate where the Republican Party members willing to be Presidential Candidate for the GOP in the 2016 election “walked the  walk and talked the talk”. FOX News, the Conservative TV network, hosted the debate and the moderators seriously questions Trump in one or two issues. Trump has been making statements trying to look “bold” and “daring”, speaking up against President Obama and his Government Programs, such as Obamacare.

It seems Mr. Trump, “the Donald”, feels or assumes politics are like managing a company, that is what makes him so dangerous, the World can’t take the risk of a racist, dumb and intolerant USA PRESIDENT, it is too much power for such a limited intelligence as Mr. Trump’s, who might react to any discordant voices in his Cabinet with his typical: “You’re fired”.

Ignorance and wealth, selfishness and a dysfunctional intellect, are the characteristics that make him a dangerous threat, for world peace, global commerce and for poor and mid class Americans, Donald Trump is the living proof of the dreadful combination yielding from wealth and stupidity, even the GOP should stop him because he wouldn’t become a competitive candidate for Mrs. Clinton or any other Democrat running for President, if the Republican want to stand a chance on winning the Presidency in 2016 they must get rid of this guy ASAP.

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