People Illegaly Living in a Palapa at La Paz Baja California Sur

A man and a woman, apparently between 35 and 40 years of age have been living for about 3 months in one of the palapas located right on the beach next to “El Malecon” in La Paz, Baja California; situation that has generated discomfort among tourists, locals and fishermen that walk around the area, because these people have been defecating and urinating on the spot, which is not only unsanitary but also illegal.

We don’t know who they are or why these people are living (or at least spending the night) here; and obviously residents of the area are upset about the fact that authorities are not doing anything to stop this situation“,  declared Luis Reyes, a local fisherman who sells his product on the spot.


They throw trash and do their physiological needs right there on the sand, giving our beach a bad appearance  and making it look (and smell) terrible“, Reyes said.

The fisherman added that sometimes they spend all day under the palapa, though at other times, when the heat is really strong they leave, and return at night to sleep.

Local authorities have been informed of the situation; however, although these people have been told to leave the premises, they have ignored the Police, and they are still coming back every night to sleep under the palapa.



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