Baja California business seminar promoted in Los Angeles

The Secretary of Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante Olache presented “Cali-Baja as a unique and competitive binational region”, during his participation in the “Baja California, an alternative for growth” Seminar, held at the Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles, with the presence of 20 American companies interested in investing in Mexico.

He thanked Consul Carlos Sada’s hospitality and support during the event, and stated that Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid requested to promote the infrastructure projects that impact on business competitiveness.

Baja California business seminar promoted in Los Angeles (Photo: SEDECO)

Ongoing and future projects were presented at the opening of the Seminar, such as energy and waste recycling plants, the expansion of the Port of Ensenada, modernization of railways, desalination plants for water supply in the coastal area and the Ojos Negros cargo airport .

Representatives of the Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali, of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana and the Port of Ensenada also participated in this seminar.

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