Tijuana: a bustling metropolis with growing importance to the Mexican economy

Tijuana is one of Mexico’s most vibrant cities. Home to more than 1.3 million people, it is a bustling metropolis with rapidly growing importance to the Mexican economy. Living in Tijuana is a rich and varied experience. While the local people certainly work hard, they also play hard as the city has a nightlife that is famous the world over. Expats living in Tijuana and its surrounding area will find many fun things to do.

Shopping is always popular as Tijuana has a large number of markets and centers where real bargains can be found. Cafés and bars are found here in abundance, giving expats in Tijuana plenty of options when they want to enjoy a relaxing meal or drink with people who are also adapting to live in Mexico. If you’re new to Tijuana, InterNations can help you connect with fellow expatriates. With more than one million members worldwide, the network can put you in direct contact with fellow internationals who can assist you in acclimatizing to your new surroundings.

Donkey Zebra: a classic in Tijuana (Photo: www.thrillist.com)
Donkey Zebra: a classic in Tijuana (Photo: www.thrillist.com)

Moving to Tijuana

Often referred to as the “Gateway to Mexico”, Tijuana has the largest community of expatriates in the whole of the country. Many Chinese, Japanese and Koreans have made new lives for themselves in the city, but recent years have seen a steady increase in the number of Americans moving south to the region. Expats moving to Tijuana can enjoy a warm climate all year around, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees centigrade. People new to the city will find many things to see and do.

The Tijuana Cultural Center is a popular haunt, attracting more than one million visitors each year, while the Zona Centro is the place to head for authentic Mexican shopping.

InterNations‘ forums are a good place to link up with people who have also moved to Tijuana. There you will be able to read about their experiences and exchange messages on what life in Mexico is like.

Working in Tijuana

More than 50 million people cross Tijuana’s border with the US every year, so tourism is a huge area of employment in the city. Opportunities are likely to be available in the region’s many shops, cafés and restaurants, but one of the biggest industries for expatriate jobs is manufacturing.

Tijuana is home to hundreds of factories, referred to locally as “Maquiladoras”, and international companies operating in the city include Hyundai, Sony, Philips and BMW. For those who feel a bit worried about their upcoming life as an expatriate working in Tijuana, having a look at InterNations’ content section might be a good idea.

This includes, for example, the so-called Expat Magazine, a broad collection of online articles written with the aim of helping people who are looking to start a new life overseas. In its articles, you will find information on general expatriation related topics such as international insurance and taxation.

Tijuana Malecon (Photo: www.bestwestern.com.mx)
Tijuana Malecon (Photo: www.bestwestern.com.mx)

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