Baja California Sur: First Place in Internet users nationwide

Baja California Sur: First Place in Internet users nationwide

Oct 2, 2015

Baja California Sur leads the way in terms of Internet users, with 84% of its population having an Internet connection. In contrast, Guerrero is at the other end of the scale, with just 49% of residents online.

A telephone survey of 49,600 people in all 31 states and the Federal District found Nuevo León, Baja California, Quintana Roo and Campeche were next at the top of the connected list with 82%, 80%, 76% and 73%, respectively.

In the top two states, the smartphone stood out as the device of choice for going online.

After last-place Guerrero came Zacatecas, where 53% were connected, and Oaxaca with 55%. Most Internet users in those three states used a desktop computer to connect.

Internet connectivity by state. (Image: GCE)

Internet connectivity by state. (Image: GCE)

On average, most Internet users spent an hour or two a day online and social networks were the most popular destination for 20% of respondents. Facebook led the way among those networks with 74%, followed by WhatsApp with 12% and Twitter with 7%.

Another question in the survey, conducted by Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica (GCE), asked which was the most trustworthy source for information, the Internet, television or newspapers.

The Internet won with 28%, television came second with 25% and newspapers trailed with 24%.

“What we are seeing is a very clear tendency where the Internet has won the battle over television, which had already won against newspapers . . . .” said Frederico Berrueto Pruneta, general manager of GCE.

Survey respondents were aged from 18 to 50, 48% had a university degree and an equal percentage were categorized as being lower middle class.

According to the Mexican Internet Association, 51% of Mexicans have access to the Internet.


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