“We want our baby girl back”

“We want our baby girl back”

Nov 19, 2015



Minerva Domínguez and her husband Neftali are from an Oaxaca town called Llano de Crucero Tepuxtepec in the mountain range of EL Mijo, and they came to Mexicali about six years ago, searching for a better life, they are not Spanish proficient and they managed to find jobs, and so when they arrived to Baja California they thought in terms of building up a new life as a family.

Even though they don’t speak Spanish quite well, they have been working as domestic aides in Mexicali, they have a daughter named Mayli, who doesn’t speak Spanish fluently and still speaks Mijo, which is an indigenous dialect from the region they come from, and she has been the victim of several adult attitudes which range from rape to negligence.

It was mid-September when the little girl told her parents she had been sexually abused by an uncle, her father’s cousin, her parents went seeking for justice and all they got was her daughter taken away from them by the DIF (Family Integral Development) of Baja California, under the argument that the little girl was living in dysfunctional family and took her to a DIF shelter, even though little Mayli can barely speak Spanish.

“Since September 18 Mayli has been living in the DIF shelter, where she has acquired lies and she gets cold water baths, when we visit, we are together for only ten minutes and they don’t allow us to speak Mijo, which is our mother tongue, they are watching us to make sure we speak Spanish, and our little girl doesn’t fully understand”, said Minerva.

“It is amazing and rather appalling the fact that the State Government and the University of Baja California don’t have qualified indigenous language translation experts for these cases and we are fighting for the right of little Mayli to integrate to her family again, there was not a retention court order for her but now the authorities are requesting a release court order to give the girl back to her parents”, said Sandra Esquer, lawyer from the Baja California Human Rights Center.

Esquer said that is a real shame that authorities are forcing the Dominguez family to speak Spanish, because they don’t master the language and according to the Indigenous Languages Law promulgated by President Vicente Fox in the early 2000’s there should be a translation service available for them, but there isn’t any, a clear violation of the aforementioned Law.

The problem keeps growing as the State General Attorney Perla del Socorro Ibarra, said that little Mayli is well, she is being treated in a proper manner and that Consuelo Luna Pineda, who has been pointed out as the main responsible for the child’s mistreatment has acted according to the Law and there is no such thing as cold baths or lies in the case of little Mayli.

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