Conferences on mechatronics, nanotechnology and environmental care to be given at Baja Callifornia high schools

As part of the strategies to promote science, technology and innovation among the youth of Baja California, the state administration headed by Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the State Council for Science and Technological Innovation (COCITBC) in conjunction with the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), coordinated lectures on mechatronics, nanotechnology and environmental care at local high schools in Baja Callifornia.

The Secretary for Economic Development of the State and head of COCITBC, Alfredo Babun Villarreal said that conferences are part of the activities of the “Hand in Hand With You in Science and Technology Program” (De la Mano Contigo en la Ciencia y Tecnología), which also includes international science fairs, contests and scientific experiments.

“The main objective is the dissemination and socialization of science, we want to reach the goal of providing 40 conferences in Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali with the support of  investigators from Sinaloa, in an exchange program with other states, “said Babun Villarreal.

He added that Piero Espino Roman, Doctor in Management and Educational Policy at the Polytechnic University of Sinaloa (UPSIN) will give a conference on mechatronics, a scientific discipline that lingers on the borders of different engineering specialties such as mechanics, electronics, automatic control and computer-oriented design and manufacture of electromechanical systems and intelligent processes. The aim is to interest and excite young people to explore the applied sciences as an opportunity for future development.

Conferences on mechatronics, nanotechnology and environmental care to be given at Baja Callifornia high schools (Photo: SEDECO)

On the other hand, Miguel Morales Rodríguez, professor of the Academic Program of Nanotechnology Engineering (UPSIN), will give the lecture “Nanotechnology: The technology of the present and the future“, which will feature the history of nanotechnology and its applications in daily life, understanding that is based on the manipulation of matter at dimensions of atoms that allows the creation of cell phones, smaller computers, clothes without odors, flavors that last longer, aerospace materials and more effective medicines.

Finally, Science Professor Laura Esther Rico Espinosa, from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the UABC will address the topic “Sustainable alternatives in everyday life” with the conference “I am part of the solution.”



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