Two dead in San Bernardino shooting aftermath


A black SUV was pulled out of the road on a San Bernardino street just minutes after the shooting in a social services center which left fourteen people dead and seventeen wounded, in this Southern California city.

One of the vehicle occupants was shot dead and the other two were arrested, as several police officers were taking cover behind patrol cars and pointing their guns after a shootout between the police and the suspects ended with one of them dead lying on the ground, it hasn’t been cleared out if the deceased was one of the shooters.

It was 11:15 Pacific Time, when three armed people attacked a Christmas party taking place in the Inland Regional Center, a state run medical facility for the developmentally challenged in San Bernardino, California, and started shooting at random, got on a black SUV and drove away only to be intercepted by the police a few blocks from the Inland Center.

In the aftermath of the shooting there were sixteen dead, about fifteen wounded, and two of the shooters dead, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27. Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, hasn’t discarded terrorism, but it might have been vengeance or resentment what motivated the shooter, since Farook had been working for the County Health Department for five years.

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