Multinational ATM scam criminal group caught in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY — Police raids on several bank ATM machines in Mexico City last week resulted in the arrest of 26 people suspected of identity theft, says the Federal District’s prosecutor’s office.

Spokeswoman Lucía Reza said security camera video footage led to the identification of the suspects after they were seen acting suspiciously in the vicinity of various ATMs.

There was a multinational flavor to the gang. It included 11 Venezuelans, nine Mexicans, two Bulgarians and one person each from Romania, Colombia, Cuba and Ecuador.

Photo: ATM scammers use PIN-capturing devices to clone cards.

They were found in possession of 54 cloned bank cards believed to have been created by the process of skimming card information with devices hidden inside ATMs. That information is then copied on to a blank card and used to withdraw cash from the victim’s account.

They also had cash which they had been in the process of withdrawing when the simultaneous raids took place. Police seized 636,300 pesos (US $38,000) in total, along with eight vehicles.

Investigators said they didn’t have any information regarding the source of the cloned cards. They are still looking for five others in connection with the scam.


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