Shocking testimony of a Syrian Catholic searching for Sanctuary


This is the testimony of Noel Hannouch, Syrian citizen who was not allowed into Mexico, even though he had a valid passport and tourist visa, issued by the Mexican Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, as THE BAJA POST informed recently, he miraculously escaped from ALEPPO, which is the biggest city in Syria, where the extremist terrorist group NOUSRAT burned down his business and threatened to murder him, because he is not a Muslim.

As a matter of fact Noel is a Catholic, he went to the Syrian Government looking for protection, which he briefly got and then fled to Lebanon where he obtained a tourist visa from the Mexican diplomatic representation in Beirut, and so he decided to fly to Mexico City, here is his shocking testimony:

“I flew in Aeroflot (Russian airline) from Lebanon to Greece, then to Moscow and from there to Havana where I boarded an Aeromexico flight to Mexico City, where, even though I had everything in order, Migration National Institute (Inami in Spanish) didn’t allow me into the country. On November 24th, 2015, I arrived in Mexico City at 8 30 AM, from Havana in an Aeromexico flight, l went to the checking control and was told by the official woman to follow her to the holding room”.

“When I asked her why should I do so, she said that my passport is Syrian and told me to just wait, and I waited for three hours, after that time passed, I was questioned by an official of immigration for three minutes, he only asked me why I was coming for and I said I was traveling for a twenty day visit to Mexico City”.

“I had a reservation at the Grand Hotel in Mexico City and I had cash money in my pocket for the amount of eight thousand US Dollars, and he asked me what plans did I have and I told him I wanted to visit Guadalupe Shrine of Tepeyac. He didn’t say anything and sent me back to the holding room again and I waited for another three hours”.

“After three hours passed I was taken to a deportation room, which had a dirty mattress on the floor and I was told to stay there and don’t touch anything, not even my cell phone and not to say anything, every time I tried to say something I was told to keep quiet, I spend six hours there, after that time I was taken to the boarding gate by an ignorant official who didn’t doesn’t speak any English”.

“I had really one of the hardest times in my life, it was a nightmare for me at Mexico City International Airport, I didn’t not how ignorant people at the airport of the great Mexico City could be, I was told to sit and don’t touch anything they didn’t even allow me a phone call, after that miserable day I was deported to Havana, and had another hard time at that airport”.

“I stayed at Havana for another sixteen hours without eating or drinking any water, the next day I was sent to the Cuban Immigration Police to have a report made about my deportation, after that I was taken to a room closed by the Immigration Police, where I spend four nights, after five days in Havana I was deported to Moscow, where I stayed for forty hours, after that long time I was sent to Beirut, Lebanon where I am currently having a hard time”.

These are the words of Noel who wasn’t allowed into Mexico City by Mexican Immigration authorities, despite Mexico’s official diplomatic statements saying Mexico would shelter Syrian refugees, he is estranged because he had a valid Syrian passport and a tourist visa issued by Mexican authorities but for some reason he wasn’t allowed into Mexico and now he is in Lebanon wondering what will become of his life if he is sent back to ALEPPO where his life is under serious hazard. THE BAJA POST will continue informing about Noel’s problem.


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