State government boosts exports of Baja California goods to Los Angeles CA

In order to support the Baja California companies to export their products to new markets, Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, instructed the Ministry of Economic Development to make an open invitation to the “Baja Meets LA” business meeting which will take place in Los Angeles, California on January 26 and 27.

The Secretary for Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante Olache, explained that one of the main tasks of the agency is to support companies that are ready to venture into new regional, national or international markets, so in 2016 a program was developed to increase the export potential for diagnostic, training, adaptation of packaging and promotional materials, barcode, nutritional table, as well as participation in exhibitions and trade missions.

Baja Meets LA” is the first business event on the calendar this year, it will focus mainly on food and beverages and will take place at the Conference Center located in the Ontario Airport Hotel, with the support of ProMéxico.

The participation of over 40 companies from Baja California are expected, offering them the unique opportunity to have business meetings with representatives of major Californian supermarket chains with presence in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, those that cater to the “latino nostalgia” market, as well as those with a traditional approach.

State government boosts exports of Baja California goods to Los Angeles (Photo: SEDECO)

These local companies will also have the opportunity to attend conferences featuring information on regulations and the support Promexico and other organizations provide for export.

Up to date, there have been some companies with proven ability to export wine, beer, snacks, fruits, vegetables and dates, but the invitation is open for all of those enterpreneurs who are interested and qualify.

At last, the Secretary of Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante Olache said that companies that want to apply to participate in this important event, should contact the proper authorities through the area of ​​regional development and directly to the following emails: and



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