Chapo recaptured: Will things really change?



As the peso loses value against the US dollar, a tweet from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto early Friday, told Mexicans that Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman was arrested at the aftermath of a shootout in downtown Los Mochis, Sinaloa, five of the drug lord bodyguards died and a naval officer was injured, according to a brief Navy Secretary press release reporting the arrest of the criminal king pin who had escaped a High Security prison in Almoloya, Mexico State.

How soon will the US Government start pressing for Chapo’s extradition?. Mexico’s hasn’t done a good job keeping Mr. Guzman in jail. The United States Justice authorities in Chicago have issued arrest warrants and there are people willing to testify against Guzman in court.

This would be the end of Guzman’s comfortable life in Mexican prisons and real hard time in an American jail. But the Sinaloa cartel will keep on working as the USA drug market main supplier of high quality, low cost methamphetamine. Detaining Mr. Guzman is not the end of the cartel, it might even be a simple rearrangement within the criminal organization.

Mexicans are devastated by peso connstant devaluations and pay huge amounts of money in taxes, for most of the country population the Mission Accomplished announced by President Peña in his Chapo tweet won’t benefit Mexico’s financial crises, which has been stubbornly denied by Government officials, all in all this “Chapo recapture” doesn’t imply things are going to change.


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