Paco Barraza: Congressman and biker


Alfredo Azcarate Varela


Granting a social sense to an activity that once was considered as a “rebel thing” and was even related to negative aspects of society is part of the challenge that Paco Barraza, Baja California Congressman for the State Baja California Party (PEBC) in Spanish has undertaken, and he has taken his love for bikes to a different level, taking advantage of his Legislative Power Status.

Congressman Barraza has gone so far as to set up groups of several biker clubs and taken them to different communities in a quest to rescue social spaces for undermined and poor people that are being benefited by the so called Biker Runs, the most recent of which was from Mexicali to San Felipe where almost two thousands bikers delivered toys, candy and a ton of happiness to the kids in the beautiful port which is part of the municipal Administration of Mexicali.

About two thousands motorcycles roaring arrived to San Felipe Saturday February 13 at noon and they kept on going a few hours until they filled the seafront alley (Malecon in Spanish) where several biker clubs shared a good time, with food and beverages and a stage where musical groups performed for tourists, bikers and locals.

Paco Barraza is a State Congressman who has been able to combine this recreational activity with his legislative work, supporting what were once considered “violent gangs” of people on motorcycles, to give them a social sense and mission, fostering social awareness among many clubs that used to fight each other and now work together trying to strengthen the “social tissue” which has been badly harmed by different aspects.

San Felipe Biker Run was an utter success, children living in the port were fascinated, getting toys and candy and riding with the bikers, who enjoyed bringing happiness to a community that has a touristic potential but has ben somehow forgotten by states Governments that don’t seem to feel like supporting San Felipe, maybe because the ruling party in Baja is PAN (Right wing party) and they feel San Felo (as locals call it) is PRI territory (alleged left center party) so they don’t care much about the port.

That only goes to show what Mexican Politics is about: Selfishness and pragmatism that have sunk Mexico with Governments that look after their Party interests and not the people’s wellbeing, it is a plain shame but Mexican Politicians are like that.

All in all, Barraza’s effort to help San Felipe and other communities by setting up Biker Runs and rides is an excellent idea to integrate these people to less controversial activities and to project a different image of bikers and their lifestyle, HOORAY for Congressman Paco Barraza.

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