[:en]Texas floods kill five people, Emergency in nine counties[:]



Texas faces an extraordinary weather crisis, as a flood event of excessive proportions has crippled Houston and a vast region surrounding it. Five to 17 inches of rain have fallen in the area in less than 24 hours, flooding homes and roads, forcing more than one thousand high water rescues. Rains hadn’t been this bad for over 26 years. At least five people have died and hundreds have been rescued in one of the worst rainfall precipitations in more than a querter century.

Through 3 p.m. Monday afternoon local time, 11.75 inches of rain had fallen at Houston Intercontinental Airport, breaking the monthly record of 8.16 inches set in 1976. If today’s 11.75 inches is confirmed, it would mark the wettest day on record in Houston, breaking the record of 10.34 inches from June 26, 1989.

The surging floodwaters had inundated homes in at least 100 neighborhoods as of this morning, with the west side of Houston hardest hit. Schools were shut, and tens of thousands of people were without power. The National Weather Service serving Houston and Galveston called the event “historic” and “severe” and described it as a “worst case scenario.”[:]

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