1,554 million pesos for Baja California: Kiko Vega

FAVL- Gira Europa10Fresh from his promotion tour of Baja California in Europe, Governor Kiko Vega said it was a success and it caught attention of several investors, which means more money for the State’s development and more jobs, even when some critics deem these jobs are not enough for the State needs in terms of salaries and job nature.

It is important for “Baja Californians” to see the state growing regarding job opportunities, but they are also concerned about the nature and relevance of those jobs in order to leave behind the idea of our State as a low labor cost production center.

Investments of one 1 billion 554 million pesos (approximately 84 million dollars) resulted from Baja California (BC) Governor Kiko Vega European Tour of economic promotion, which include several companies that are already investing in the State, which is  a reiteration of European companies confidence in Mexico as an investment destination.

Carlo Bonfante, BC Secretary of Economic Development said the UK’s Farnborough Fair the world’s biggest aerospace fair was a very productive event for the State, because many investment prospects were visited and he had the chance to meet several high executives of different companies and he emphasized HONEYWELL’s operation enhancement which means a fifteen million dollar investment in tunnel technology for its Mexicali plant.

ESTERLINE is another company that will expand operations in Baja California, its electronic equipment and sensors manufacturing for the aerospace industry will invest 35 million dollars (647.5 million pesos) and will hire three hundred additional employees with which the company will employ around one thousand three hundred people.

Progressive Products de Mexico, a Belgian textile company, will invest an extra 25 million dollars (462.5 million dollars) and 500 new jobs for its Tijuana plant, and medical devices manufacturer CODAN, announced an investment of 9 million dollars (166.5 million pesos) in Tijuana which will create 150 mew jobs.

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