21 “narco-fields” destroyed by Baja California State Police

21 “narco-fields” destroyed by Baja California State Police

Jul 25, 2016


Twenty one illegal poppy and marihuana fields have been destroyed by the State Preventive Police of Baja California in the last three years, making possible the destruction of almost one million five hundred thousand plants, according to a press release of Baja California State Public Security Secretary, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya.

The Preventive State Police (PEP in Spanish) Airborne Unit has detected the fields, as a result of helicopter surveillance flights in the State high mountain ranges, locating sophisticated irrigation and agro-technology systems.PLANTIO AMAPOLA

According to the press release, this operation was the result of intelligence gathering, organized crime members detention and interrogation as well as aerial vigilance, as part of the Coordination Strategy strategies.

The PEP helicopter is the only one of its kind in Mexico, due to the high degree of training and skills of the elements who operate it, which have been trained in the USA and are paramedical certified staff for immediate reaction in case of emergency.

The most recent and relevant case was a seizure of more than half a million poppy plants which would have been used to produce heroin, the PEP found them in the mountain area of the 2000 Boulevard in Tijuana.

There have been other important findings in the last three weeks, when the PEP destroyed four “narco-fields” south of Ensenada where more than 350 thousand marihuana plants were incinerated.

These are the numbers of destroyed plants in Baja California 2013-2016

  • Ensenada: 11
  • Tecate: 6
  • Tijuana: 2
  • Playas de Rosarito: 1

Total : 1 million 493 mil 769 dstroyed plants

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