UABC fosters bat environmental relevance


In order to Foster awareness and sensitivity about the importance and benefits of conserving and protecting the life of bats and their habitat, the Wildlife Manage and Conservation Group of the University Autonomous of Baja California (UABC) celebrated the Day of the Bat.

Professor Aldo Antonio Guevara Carrizales, Since Faculty teacher and responsible for this activity, said that for this year’s event the guests of honor were boys and teenagers of the association for the deaf of Ensenada “Manos que hablan” (Hands that talk in Spanish).

The activities were: A tour of the Caracole Museum facilities as well as the puppet show called “Bats and humans, we can live together as brothers”, which the kids enjoyed.

The Bat Day celebration has been an activity organized by the Wildlife Manage and Conservation Group for nine consecutive years, the group is formed by students and alumni from the Biology School and the Dryland Ecosystem Management Master Degree students, both from the UABC.

These nocturnal mammals are relevant for the environment as well as the human beings since they help control insect pests and they are pollination aides of sorts for plants such as agave, pitahaya, and several species of cactus, among others, that is why to provide information about them.

Due to the lack of knowledge and information about the importance of bats in ecosystems, they are threatened and their habitat has been harmed by mining activities and the implementation of Eolic energy parks.

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