Mexical Olympians against their own Sports Authorities

Mexical Olympians against their own Sports Authorities

Aug 15, 2016



Mexican athletes in Rio de Janeiro face opponents in the field, court, track or swimming pools, but their biggest antagonist (or enemy) is within their own ranks, they have to compete with less than sacrce support from Mexican Olympic and Sports Authorities who have engaged in a Civil War of sorts that has almost left the athletes to their own resources.OLIMPICS 01

Spending millions, people as Alfredo Castillo, President of Mexico’s National Sports Commission have taken the Olympics as a vacation trip more than an international relevant sports competition, while he confronts Mexican Olympic Committee, Carlos Padilla in a fight over the Budget for Mexico’s Olimpic teams.OLIMPICS 03

Castillo, a former State Attorney is more a policeman than a sports expert, while Padilla represents the former President Mario Vazquez Raña, who died months ago but left a powerful group in control of the Committee.OLIMPICS 02

Problems as lack of money for uniforms, have plagued Mexican olimpians all thru the Games and some competitors point out that many of Castillo’s relatives and friends traveled to Brazil, credited as athletes, just to spend a nice two week vacation in Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities, while physical therapists, sports medicine staff and other sports related personnel were left in Mexico.

That’s only the tip of an infamous iceberg which has crashed against Mexico’s athletes “ship” so their performance in this year’s Olympics has become a living hell for them and a great disappointment for Mexicans willing to see their fellow country men and women win at least a couple of medals in a problem that gets worse and only surfaces every four years.

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