[:en]Aleppo’s hell: “Surrender or starve”[:]


The situation of civilians in Aleppo is “critical and
demands immediate attention and response,” a United Nations-
mandated human rights panel warned today, expressing grave for the
safety of the war-raved city’s people, including some 100,000
children, and urging countries with influence to pressure the parties to
the conflict in Syria to return to political negotiations.
“The situation in Aleppo city has been catastrophic for many years.
As unthinkable as it is, the current attacks suggest the agony of its
civilians is about to deepen,” the
Independent International
Commission of Inquiry on Syria
said in a
“These attacks appear to form the prelude to a siege, designed to force
the capture of the city through an already-documented strategy of
‘surrender or starve’,” it added.
According to the Commission, civilians are being killed in the city due to daily a
erial bombardments by Government and
pro-Government forces, while many have also died trapped under rubble of collapse
d buildings surrounding impact sites.
Subsequent strikes have killed first responders, including members of the Syr
ian Civil Defence, as they attempted to rescue
Additionally, the bombardments have also destroyed more than 25 hospitals and cli
nics since January, killing patients and
medical staff. Among the healthcare facilities destroyed are maternity
hospitals, paediatric units and emergency wards.
“Those inside the armed group-held neighbourhoods describe lives of horror, under near-
constant threat of death from
airstrikes. There is limited food, water, and supplies for babies and infants.
Access to medical care in these areas is largely
non-existent,” said the Commission, underlining the dire situation of the civilians in the c
The situation of civilians in Government-controlled area is equally desperate
as scores have been killed by indiscriminate
ground shelling of armed groups, as coalitions including Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Isla
m, and the terrorist group Jabhat Fatah
al-Sham (previously Jabhat al-Nusra) mount their counteroffensive against
Government attack, the statement added.


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