Fighting or hiding corruption?

Fighting or hiding corruption?

Aug 25, 2016






Mexicans are victims of corrupt government officials of all the parties, and recent statements from the leader of President Peña’s Party, regarding punishment for a handful of former Governors, must be taken carefully, because he is supposed to investigate those fellow party members for corruption, violence against freedom of speech and ecocide among other alleged crimes, State Crimes.Javier-Duarte-César-Duarte-Roberto-Borge-y-Rodrigo-Medina

Corruption is not only a huge problem in Mexico, it’s the symbol of Mexican politics, where simulation and double talk are always on and politicians not only lie, they do it looking straight at the Mexicans eyes and don’t hesitate for a second to lie, steal and deceive the people who, dubiously and skeptically, participate in the electoral processes to “choose” those greedy and dishonest men and women for Government positions.

Enrique Reza Ochoa, leader of the notorious PRI, the Institutional Revolutionary Party, said he personally will head the investigation against four former PRI Governors who are accused of embezzlement, corruption and other felonies which have always gone unpunished.

One of them, Javier Duarte, is the alleged “mastermind” behind the assassination of more than 20 journalists in Veracruz, where the violence against the press reached unexpected and never seen heights, with reporters and photographers attacked and many of them killed, while Governor Duarte did nothing to solve this serious problem.

The other former Governors are: Roberto Borge (Quintana Roo) who authorized construction of tourist centers that virtually killed hundreds of acres of mangrove swamps and jungle, privatizing beaches and throwing away landowners by means of deception and Police Force, he is said to have embezzled millions of dollars and destroyed natural sanctuaries such as Holbox Island.

The other two: César Duarte (Chihuahua) and Rodrigo Medina (Nuevo León) are not that infamous among Mexicans but they also goy hold of enormous money amounts and made business shrouded by the power of the PRI and with Federal Authorities “looking the other way”.

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