Government official murdered in Bolivia

Government official murdered in Bolivia

Aug 26, 2016



Sent by Evo Morales to negotiate with a mine strike, Rodolfo Illanes was allegedly tortured and killed by the miners, who are protesting a new Labor Law amendment with which they disagree.illanes

Illanes Interior Vice Minister, was sent to Panduro, 100 miles south of La Paz to negotiate with miners who were blocking the highway since last Monday.

Illanes was kidnapped by the miners at around 10:30, he sent three calls for help, and the miners conditioned his release to an open dialog regarding the changes in the Law which they feel harms their labor rights.

Miners were supposedly on their way to La Paz to talk with Federal Authorities but, somehow, they never arrived and at approximately 5:30 in the afternoon it was reported that Illanes had been tortured and killed.

This could be a warning for countries where social unrest is minimized by their Governments.

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