Aug 26, 2016

ARISTEGUI NEWS informed that President Peña had cheated (by plagiarism) in his Thesis (academic paper required to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Mexico. Many people said it wasn’t relevant and others said he should be tried for the crime. The problem here is the TOTAL LACK of SELF CRITICISM of Mexican Politicians of all political tendencies.

Dianeth Pérez Arreola

¿Could it be true, what Nancy Sánchez (Baja California President of Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI) says, that corruption lies in Mexicans DNA? Anyway we can see that within President Enrique Peña Nieto, it does.PANIA 03

There are people who have committed to minimize the President’s College Thesis plagiarism issue, ¿do they really believe it is not that serious? Or do they defend President Peña to avoid losing their jobs?

If it is the first scenario, we are before people with a value system so damaged that they can’t dimension the consequences of the matter. They are people who can’t be asked to judged things with values, let us call then “first world values”, so they live and support within a reality of a third world democracy.

If we talk, for a change, of President Peña’s defenders linked to PRI or to power itself, we are facing one of the biggest defects of Mexicans: Lack of self-criticism. We will never hear a PRI member saying “It is a serious matter and we deeply regret what happened”.

But, as I said, the lack of self-criticism is a common flaw. I see in social media a PAN (opposition) saying that Puebla Governor work as “ground breaking” and flattering Vicente Fox and saying Felipe Calderón has been the best Mexican President ever and I ask myself if being linked to a Political Party causes tunnel vision or if having tunnel vision causes Political Parties.

Nor PRI or PAN militants practice self-criticism, but when critique comes from the outside their answer is to call “chairo”, PRD member, “pejezombie” (Lopez Obrador adoring Zombie) to those who dare criticize, not stopping to think if the accusations are valid or not and much less replying with arguments, that’s why insults and “name calling” were made for.

The lack of self-criticism is evident in Bronco and Lopez Obrador followers, because for them, those two guys have the divine gift of saying and doing everything correctly, not to mention some “news web sites” that are devoted to praise or insult politicians, whose followers don’t even doubt the veracity of those publications for a second. Sites and followers are found easily, attracted by the same lack of critical thinking.

Then there are the causes. An emblematic cause is the homosexual equal rights problem. I’ve just seen a publication of “National Family Front” which says-among other equally false and preposterous things- that the Amendment Peña Nieto did in that matter “aim to allow children, since kindergarten, dress as the opposite sex so they could choose to be a boy or a girl” and “allow your minor kids to have a relationship with an adult and you won’t be able to stop it”. Do they really believe their own words? Why do people assume these as true statements without questioning them?

Social media are social because they imply an inter-connection of many people. The Facebook wall is personal, but not private. When using the right of free speech in this media, people accept that communication is a two way road, and it can elicit acceptation or rejection answers. People not prepared to receive criticism and answer with arguments, please be so kind as to post your messages with an ONLY ME privacy level.

The main goal of self-criticism with characters and opinions that are not in agreement doesn’t have the aim to make us change our minds, but to make retrospection about the values according to which we judge. Let us do so.

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