Re-discovering the Library

Re-discovering the Library

Aug 30, 2016




The advance of new technologies has left books and print material behind, in a second place of sorts, but even though many people think it is a fact, a Library doesn’t have to be discarded and use the facility for something else, that is sort of what the Nazis did in Germany when they burnt books, in the 1930’s.literatura_libroabierto_600_173

The Library as a concept is a meeting point, a place where one can go to seek books,read magazines and newspapers, play chess, attend literary works reading events for children and adults and a whole lot of cultural activities, guitar lessons, Portuguese and Chinese classes, and many other activities and workshops.2016-02-11 17.40.56

As Internet arrives, and cell phones and tablets allow people to see books, movies, TV and all kinds of multimedia publishing, one might think that the Library concept is on its way out, but for Manuel Bejarano Giacomann, Baja California Cultural Institute Director, it is not so.

That is why the State Library, after being remodeled after the damage done to “her” by the 2010 earthquake, is being launched within a new concept to make it a meeting center, a cultural venue and far from singing its Eulogy, try to re-found it without leaving the traditional concept behind but adapting to new technologies and the rules they imply.

To modernize without leaving tradition behind is the challenge, and the ICBC staff working in the Central Library right in the heart of Colonia Nueva in Mexicali has accepted the assignment and they will sail this sip to quite waters and safe harbor and to be able to create the new concept of Library: Information Center.

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