Trump in Mexico: Beyond the mirror

Trump in Mexico: Beyond the mirror

Aug 31, 2016



This is not the other side of the mirror, it is way beyond the mirror, Donald Trump will visit Mexico, Mexican President’s Office is said to have invited “the Donald” to visit Los Pinos (the official Presidential House), but a superficial analysis makes people wonder about that.

It seems quite strange (to say the least) that President Peña would invite the guy who said that all Mexicans are felons and rapists and who expressed his intention to build a wall to contain and stop Mexican immigration which would be paid by our country.

So, when Mexican Federal authorities inform that Peña invited Trump, even the dumbest people would ask themselves: “Is this for real?”, and knowing the way that all Mexican Governments (PRI, PAN or any other party or color) handle and manipulate information, Trump obviously asked for the interview, if not so Mexico is being betrayed by its Government again, or: Why did Peña invite the man who insulted and threatened Mexicans?.

Another absurd and preposterous decision from a President whose Cabinet has worked to get rich and powerful leaving Mexico’s needs in a shameful second place. This goes way beyond the mirror, we have gotten through the mirror and beyond we have reached unimaginable heights of absurdity and insanity.

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