Mexico: 28 thousand people missing or disappeared

Mexico: 28 thousand people missing or disappeared

Sep 6, 2016



As of December 31st 2015, there were 27 thousand 887 missing people, 26 thousand 898 of State cases and 989 Federal cases, the States with more missing or disappeared people are: Tamaulipas (5,622), Mexico State (2,774), Jalisco (2,230) Nuevo Leon (2,230), Sinaloa (1,848) y Chihuahua (1,823) according to the Annual Report of the Missing and Lost People Registration (RNPED in Spanish, which was turned in in the Republic Senate of Mexico.desaparecidos-en-mexico

The Report was sent by the Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System and it points out that according to statistics of the State instances, except for Baja California Sur, the missing and disappeared people tends to be higher in the South and Central States and very lowering in the Southeast States.

The Disappeared and Missing People Report shows 19 thousand 714are male and 7 thousand 184are female; the majority of the Disappeared and Missing are between 15 and19 years old, followed by the range between 20 and 24years old, both groups amount to 28.2% , that is 27 thousand 594 people.

RNPED has improved its methods and work regarding revision, depuration, actualization and publication of its records of Non Located People (nice euphemism), coordination to seek and locate people and normativity regarding missing and unallocated people, however it’s very shameful having to speak about such a number (almost 28 thousand) of missing and disappeared Mexicans nowadays.

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