October 2: State murder and suicide of a former leader

October 2: State murder and suicide of a former leader

Oct 3, 2016



Every October2nd, Luis Gonzalez de Alba suffered because of the demonstration against the killing of students in 1968, he used to say that many of the rioting demonstrators weren’t even born when that happened.tlatlolco-02

This Sunday October two his own hand achieved what the repressive forces couldn’t do half a century ago, kill him, he was found dead in his Guadalajara home, a suicide, maybe he was tired and having seen the authoritarian and self-deceiving PRI regime back to the Presidency and he felt disappointed and he may have thought that life was too much for him, one of the actual leaders of 1968.tlatlolco-03

It’s OK to protest against the October 1968 student murders, but Gonzalez de Aba used to lose his temper because he saw an opportunistic approach and a bunch of young resentful people taking the student-political movement as excuse to attack and insult people that have nothing to do  with the repressive system they despise.tlatlolco-01

Forty eight years after that dreadful Tlatelolco night, where the political system  (controlled by the PRI those days) “imposed order” after almost three months of student demonstrations which had rooted deep in many Mexicans, and it did it murdering, torturing and locking people in jail, infiltrating the National Strike Committee (CNH in Spanish).

There were many leaders: Raúl Álvarez Garín, Gilberto Guevara Niebla, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, la Tita Avendaño, la “Nacha”, Tomas Cervantes Cabeza de Vaca, el Búho Espinoza Valle, José Revueltas, Eli de Gortari, Evaristo Pérez Arreola, Heberto Castillo, among others and there was also a traitor: Sócrates Amado Campos Lemus, but there were many students in the CNH.

In 1968 the voice of youth was heard for the first time, many of the NOT PRI politicians that now claim to be the apostles of democracy and were in office in the Federal Administration for twelve years imposing democracy to the PRI, were silent and tolerated, even some ultra-right wing youth groups, as the MURO  attacked the students on strike, now with Gonzalez de Alba’s death the last remains of the actual movement are fading away.

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