Decpaitated body found near Mexico City

Decpaitated body found near Mexico City

Nov 15, 2016

Violence has made a scary return to Mexico, while in Tijuana there are people being murder every day, in Mexico City and surrounding areas there have been bodies found, one pending from an overpass and another one, headless, near the border with Mexico State, and the body’s head might have been found near the site.1357_cuerpo-en-iztapalapa_620x350

A human head was found this morning in the Los Reyes-Texcoco highway, in Mexico State a few miles from Mexico City, according to the first investigations, it might be related to a headless body found in the early morning hours, at Iztapalapa Delegation in Mexico City.

Police received an emergency call saying that on kilometer 19.5 next to Los Reyes La Paz Fire Station was a human head, beside the road, they gave notice to the local Justice Attorney to start investigating the matter.

On the site they also found a message saying: “The new clique has arrived, this will happen to those who do not get in line with us. Yours truly, the Cardinal”

The headless body was on the driver’s seat of a taxi cab, a white Nissan Tsuru, and it could correspond to the head found a short distance from the spot.

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