Baja California produces 80% of Mexico’s wine: Kiko Vega

Baja California produces 80% of Mexico’s wine: Kiko Vega

Nov 19, 2016

To promote Mexican wine by committing to serve only Mexican product in meetings and other official events organized by the State Governments, Senate, the local and federal Houses of Representatives and City Administrations inside and outside Mexico, was the central issue of an Agreement Point submitted by Baja California Governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid, at the Fifty first meeting of the National Governors Conference (CONAGO in Spanish)favl-conago-01

Baja California is the main wine producer in Mexico, with about 80-85% of the national production, mostly in the Guadalupe, Santo Tomas Valleys and Ojos Negros, but for some reason Mexican wines, in local stores and supermarkets, is much more expensive than imported ones, thus French, Spanish, German, Argentinean or Chilean wines cost more than those from Baja California, even inside the State itself.

favl-conago-02 “No doubt this agreement is very important for our winery sector and for all the producers in the country, mainly for Baja California, since we have around 80% of the National wine production and its an industry that require this sort of specific action aiming to develop and make the sector grow”, said Kiko Vega

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