The world’s largest sailing competition comes to the Baja California Peninsula

The world’s largest sailing competition comes to the Baja California Peninsula

Nov 27, 2016

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, will host the final of the Extreme Sailing Series competition

Extreme Sailing Series, one of the most recognized sailing competitions in the world is coming to the Baja California Peninsula in 2017, as was officially announced by the organizers.


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Sailing competitions have gained strength in recent years in the world of marine sports, and are usually held in locations that boast world-class accomodations, beautiful beaches and state-of-the-art marinas.

This year, the organizers have chosen Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, to be included within the competition route, and this will be the first time that this competition will sail across the beautiful seas of Mexico.


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The race is organized by OC Sport, with the participation of forty catamarans in a study format race that seeks to crown the world champion, in a competition that is considered as important as the Formula 1 or the FIFA World Cup within water sports.

Fans and professionals have attended this competition since its inception, and it has captured the attention of the world and is currently considered one of the most important in the world.


In this eleventh season, the teams will test their skills on the super-fast GC32 Hydro-Foil catamarans.

According to Andy Tourell, director of the event, Los Cabos is a great destination to sail, and they are sure that it will soon become one of the classic venues of the circuit, because without a doubt the local public will love to see this exciting competition live.


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The names of the participating teams hve not been released yet, as the inscriptions are still open, the only thing that is known is that this year’s competition will undoubtedly be unique, exciting and delightful forhy7AQ all spectators.

Mexico is part of the second agenda of the series, which begins on March 8, 2017 in Muscat, Oman; Followed by Qingdao, China on April 28; Madeira, Portugal on June 29; Hamburg, Germany on August 10; Cardiff, UK on August 25; San Diego, United States on October 19; And will culminate from November 30 to December 3 in Los Cabos, Mexico.


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