Baja California Government will pay the UABC 270 million pesos

Baja California Government will pay the UABC 270 million pesos

Nov 29, 2016



The delicate situation between the State University and the Government of Baja California has ended, they signed an agreement where they accord a state subsidy of on thousand 270 million pesos for 2017, 200 million more than 2016, which guarantees the student registration for the next year, the meeting was quiet and friendly between Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid and Dean Juan Manuel Ocegueda Hernández.

So ends the political battle which broke out several weeks ago when the University announced there was a 370 million pesos delay in the financial aid the State grants the UABC, but the Governor officials said the overdue amount was not that big, and a political struggle of sorts began, the State even mentioned the University had a huge debt for water usage..

After weeks of tension, the Dean and the Governor got together to sign the agreement where the State committed to pay the pending amounts which add up to 352 million pesos (round numbers) which will be paid in five annuities.

As for the water usage overdue payments, they said they would look into the probable solutions, within a legal framework, and so bury the hatchet once and for all; the political turmoil between Government and University is left behind.

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