Obamacare’s death warrant has been signed

Obamacare’s death warrant has been signed

Nov 29, 2016

Twenty million people would be out of health services if President Elect Trump, wipes off Obamacare, he has talked about obliterating Obamacare and creating a new Health Care Service, and then some parts of the media said Trump was reconsidering this decision, but in view of the probable appointment of the new Secretary of Health and Human Services there is not much hope for the Health Care System Obama created.

If President-elect Donald J. Trump wanted a cabinet secretary who could help him dismantle and replace President Obama’s health care law, he could not have found anyone more prepared than Representative Tom Price, who has been studying how to accomplish that goal for more than six years.

Mr. Price, an orthopedic surgeon who represents many of the northern suburbs of Atlanta, speaks with the self-assurance of a doctor about to perform another joint-replacement procedure. He knows the task and will proceed with brisk efficiency.

Mr. Trump has picked Mr. Price, a six-term Republican congressman, to be secretary of health and human services, Mr. Trump’s transition team announced Tuesday morning.
Also on Monday, Mr. Trump met with David H. Petraeus, the highly decorated but scandal-scarred former military commander, who has emerged as a new contender for secretary of state.

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