Is the Water Law privatizing hydraulic services in Baja California?

Is the Water Law privatizing hydraulic services in Baja California?

Dec 22, 2016



Apart form the manner in which the subject was dealt with in the State House of Representatives, with violence and “block” voting beat all opposition to it, the Water Law for Baja California passed, the debate in social media reached ludicrous extremes when a State Government Undersecretary and other officials called ignorant to those who criticize this law.aguas2

The voices claiming “privatization” of water sound from different areas of civil society, the fierce defense by Government officials and Legislators from the PAN party is violent in language and forms, calling ignorant to those who criticize, nevertheless the text of the Law, in its Eighth Chapter, Article 47, talks about private sector participation on several services and operations related to water.

Government and its critics ought to sit, dialog and wipe the slate clean on all their criteria differences, but it is evident that some officials, which are in the high levels of the State Cabinet and PAN Congressmen and women, have the assignment to impose this Law, no matter public opinion.

Here is the Chapter VIII, which is the main reason the people perceive as PRIVATIZATION:

Chapter VIII, Article 47 Water Law

Particular and civil organizations from the social and private sectors will be able to participate in:

I           Partial supply of public services

II         Exploitation of residual waters

III        Administration, operation and maintenance, partial or total, of the systems which are destined to supply public services of water in block, drainage, running water, sewer systems, treatment and disposition of residual waters.

IV        Execution of works of hydraulic infrastructure and projects related to the service of water in block, running water, drainage and sewer systems, remoteness, treatment and disposition of residual waters including financing if it applies to different cases.

V         Other activities which might be convened with the Commission and Operating Organisms, within the realm of their own competence.

Many people perceive this as a PRIVATIOZATION not of water but for conduction, treatment and service supply which are all part of a HUMAN RIGHT which is water.
V Las demás actividades que se convengan con la Comisión y Organismos Operadores, en el ámbito de sus respectivas competencias
Mucha gente percibe esto como una PRIVATOZACION, no deol agua sino de la conducción, tratamiento y otortamiento del servicio de agua, lo cual debería ser parte del servicio y que en efecto se trata de un DERECHO HUMANO

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