Mexico is hell: Social unrest and Government negligence

Mexico is hell: Social unrest and Government negligence

Jan 5, 2017



Demonstrations and protests all over Mexico, it has been the people’s answer, they feel cheated and deceived again, they explode and in anger they got out and on the streets to protest, even though several of these demonstrators have taken advantage of the moment to loot and riot, as well as the so called “infiltrated” who get on the streets to attack and vandalize saying they are “demonstrators” when they are Government agents acting violently to discredit or label as violent any protest reaction movement.

Mexican Federal Government worries people, because of the arrogance with which they lie on the faces of all Mexicans, who are willing to work hared to come along but it seems that Mexico is a country where the effort of working men and women is vain, because the Government (via taxes and other beaurocratic instances) prevents them from growing and developing.

Simulation and deception are the main tools of Mexico’s Government, the last sample of this is the appointment of Luis Videgaray as Secretary of Foreign Relations, who said: “… I don’t know much about diplomacy but I am willing to learn . . .”, showing how Mexicans, through their taxes, pay the salaries of officials who are not even prepared to do the jobs they are appointed to do, that is an irresponsible senseless Government.

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