President Peña “explains” on nationwide TV & WEB

President Peña “explains” on nationwide TV & WEB

Jan 6, 2017



Enrique Peña Nieto “faced the Nation” through the comfort of a recording which was broadcast on TV and the WWW, trying to justify the fuels price raise and the severe crisis that’s coming for Mexico in 2017.

First, he didn’t want to say “raise” and he chose to say “fuel price adjustment”; once again the fear of calling things by their name makes us Mexicans to seek protection against a harmful Government who speaks half truth and is demagogic and patronizing.

In other words . . . . “. . . What would you have done? . . . “ is the epilogue of  Mr. Peña’s administration, is to admit one’s inefficiency and lack of leadership, it’s as if like he were saying: “the Presidency was too big for me to fit in and I couldn’t do any other thing”, all in all it was not what a real leader would have said.

Most surrealistic is that two or three years ago, Mexicans were told that there was a crisis and fuel prices raise because the international oil prices were too low and our oil exportations didn’t yield enough profit, now they say that the international prices are high and we have to import most of the gasoline we consume.

Contradiction is evident, the message is clear: “whatever happens in the international oil market Mexico loses” . . . Why? . . . Who shut down Atcapotzalco Refinery which produced 100 thousand barrels of oil derivates (mostly gasoline) everyday? . . . Why didn’t that person seek a place to build another one instead of importing gasoline? . . . When will Mexican Government realize we are no fools?.

The beginning of 2017 is hard for Mexico, between Mr. Peña and his team indulgent self deception, the scary arrival of Donald Trump to the White House and in Baja California a political chaos due to the lack of political skills to operate a Bill to reform the State Water Law, which has also made a lot of noise among the society in Baja.

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