Mexicali made History, ¿Another march this Sunday?

Mexicali made History, ¿Another march this Sunday?

Jan 13, 2017



This week, Mexicali has gone thru a lot, living historic times, from the blockade to the PEMEX distribution plant in La Rosita to the shutdown of the Collection Office of the State Government, the first one ended last Wednesday early hours, but the Collection facilities are still closed and this Thursday, 15 thousand people marched on the streets and gathered in the Civic Center, right in front of the buildings of the three branches of the State Government.01

There is not an organization “owning” this Movement, there groups such as Cell 686, biker clubs and several collective social groups participating in this demonstrations, said young Kari Rodriguez who has taken part of the movement since the beginning.


“Today, after the march and demonstrations a group decided to ‘stay put’ at the State House of Representatives doors, they want the Congressmen/women to ‘face the music’ but they don’t know how many Representatives remain there”, said Kari who also commented that there are plenty of people willing to stretch the Collection Office shutdown and even set a timetable of guards to keep up the closedown which now has spread to the State Congress building.

03Franisco Iribe Paniagua undersecretary of State said not all the issues regarding people complaints are of State accountability and Gobernador Kiko Vega respects freedom of speech.

04Families and anarchist punks, teachers and clerks, families, theyouth and elderly all together far from the partisan carried along artificial crowds, today poeople shouted in anger they just couldn’t take it anymore and took over the streets.


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