Baja California Gov. officials defend Constellation Brands project

Baja California Gov. officials defend Constellation Brands project

Jan 31, 2017




The brewery that the transnational corporation Constellation Brands (CB) wants to install in Mexicali Valley will bring jobs, growth and development to Mexicali, people opposing to this project are not aware of the harm they are doing to Mexicali, for each dollar they invest in Mexico there will be a “spread” of 1.92 dollars in Mexicali, said Baja California Secretary of Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante Olache.

People in Mexicali are angry and estranged by the arrival of CB, to produce beer that will go to the rest of the world, but what worries people more is that they will have huge water consumption, at a rate of about half a gallon of water for each litter (quarter gallon) of beer they produce.

People feel that Kiko Vega’s government is giving water away, building an aqueduct which will function exclusively for the brewery, and don’t fully trust or believe that this project will be a panacea or magic potion that’s coming to solve financial and economic  problems and the job generation is the flag Mr. Bonfante waves to defend CB.

The question for Mexican “entrepreneurs” is: Why not develop a REAL NATIONAL INDUSTRY?  . . . . Maybe because it is more comfortable to build big industrial warehouses and plants to rent to foreign investors, pitiful.

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