“Proud to be President of a great country”: Peña Nieto


In one more multimedia message, which adds up to several more within the recent past, Enrique Peña Nieto informed that he talked for about an hour with Donald Trump and assured that they still talked about reaching agreements in the issues that have affected Mexico in a very serious manner, such as the infamous wall and the tax load intended to be imposed to the money Mexicans living in the USA send to their families in Mexico.

Mexico doesn’t believe in this messages any more, Trump is a hazard for Mexico and the Mexican Government too, more than 100 million are trapped between the threatening sword of Donald Trump and corruption and deception which have been the symbol of all Federal Governments in Mexico, be it PRI or PAN, it’s always the same, sacrificing a lot of people for the wellbeing of just a few, that’s Mexico, where the President comes out to send a message, more for his own tranqui8lity then that of the Mexicans.

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