Energetic Law amendment: Big lie

Energetic Law amendment: Big lie

Feb 2, 2017


The TV and radio spots of President Peña’s Energy Policies Reform, defended fiercely by the PRI (political party in power) has become another “shot in the dark” another “spit to the sky” reality has shown the real face of this Amendment which promised inexpensive gasoline, cheap gas and electricity, but everything turned to be another big deception of the PRI and its accomplices in the so called “Covenant for Mexico” (PAN & PRD).

In February, the electrical bill fees raise according to the following figures: Industry users 6-8% raise, commerce users 4-6% and high consumption domestic users 2-4%, they show an ill intentioned classification of domestic users, since in Northern Mexico almost all domestic users are high consumption due to the high Summer temperatures which make air condition a big necessity the Electricity Federal Commission had already raised electricity fees as of November 1st.

Mexican salaries seem to be the only thing that has no raise whatsoever, Mexicans were already trembling in fear because of the fuel raises called GASOLINAZOS in Spanish, the next is due for February 4th and rumor had it (not confirmed)  that this last raise would be called off, but with no official confirmation, but it might as well come true and add up to the financial burden that Mexico’s Federal Government is imposing on Mexicans.

Mexican Federal Government is too stressed in its finance, for any reason whatsoever, the international debt qualifying organisms have Mexico in one the lowest historic qualifications, due to a 500 thousand pesos, only in interests and Mexico’s society middle class is their main financial source.

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