Telephone extortion went down in January 2017

Telephone extortion went down in January 2017

Feb 7, 2017

During January of 2017 the telephone hoaxes were down in Tijuana, at least compared to January 2016, according to State Security Secretary , Daniel de la Rosa, who also said  that 97% of extortion calls failed since the citizens hung up quickly and dialed 089 (Anonymous Denounce)  to the C4 (Control, Command, Communication and Computation Center) where they are advised by trained personnel.

De la Rosa also said that the campaigns to foster the public awareness of the importance of anonymous denouncing and phone hoax prevention have been successful =thanks to entrepreneurial groups pqar6tcipation as well as the civil society, the media and citizens in general, as well as the use of social media as diffusion platforms.

According to the State Center of Anonymous Denouncing point out that in January 2017 there were 885 calls to 089 whereas in January 2016 the figure was one thousand 887 denounces by phone dialing 089, Secretary de la Rosa said there’s constant training against these calls and gave five key points to avoid becoming a victim of these hoax calls:

Keep calm

Write down the long distance code of the call

Avoid giving financial information

Don’t confront the caller

Hang up and dial 089

The most denounced modalities denounced in January were: Kidnapped relative, organized crime threat and false detention of a relative in the border crossing and false won prizes, if you are a victim of these sort of calls dial 089 and visit for more information.

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