Is Constellation Brands already building its brewery?

Is Constellation Brands already building its brewery?

Feb 8, 2017


It’s all you said, I said in the matter of Constellation Brands (CB) coming to Mexicali, the official instances praise the project while militants, demonstrators and environmentalists say CB  will “dry up” Mexicali Valley, the Economic Development Secretary, Carlo Bonfante Olache and Governor Kiko Vega  have said several times that this company will yield thousands of jobs in Mexicali and a huge financial spread in dollars.

However, THE BAJA POST reporter, Alejandro Cerecer, informed that several construction workers coming from southern Mexico are already in Mexicali to work on the construction of the CB brewery, that they had been sent to laboratories in Colonia Nueva (Mexicali) for anti-doping tests and that they would work for a 14 thousand (around 700 dollars) month salary, which contradicts the official arguments of local benefit by means of job generation for Mexicali.

There are also discordant voices about the case of a CB brewing operation in Zaragoza, which is a city in Coahuila, near the USA, where Mayor Leoncio Martinez says that Constellation spends about one thousand 200 liters per second in their plant, and there aren’t even 100 liters/second for the people of Zaragoza, but the company assures they only spend 1% of the total water availability in Zaragoza which is eerily similar to what they say that about their water consumption in Mexicali.

The project goes on and authorities keep alleging that CB will detonate development in Mexicali but the facts show something different, anyhow it seems that the capital of almighty CB will prevail over common well being in a Valley that should seek to develop within a national background and not under the shadow of a multinational company  such as Constellation.

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