High inflation hits Mexican Government alternate reality



Not only Trump has his “alternate news”, the Mexican Government and a small elite live in an alternate reality where everything is perfect while the rest of the country lives another reality, one of crisis and scarcity, of self-sacrifice to keep supporting an Aristocratic beaurocracy.

“Mexico’s inflation shows historical low levels”, was the discourse of some journalists and official spokesmen and women, but now (in the beginning of the second month of 2017), reality has torn this alternate fact which was not true at all, and those voices are now silent.

Sadly, facts have hit “Mexican Gov. official alternate reality” which only they perceive and is 100% opposite to what Mexicans live day in day out and the promises made by the supporters of the so called Energetic Amendment are now as good as dead, false another hoax and today inflation hits a historical high in the last four and a half years.

INEGI (Mexican Geography and Statistic Institute) informed that February inflation was 4.72% which is a level that hadn’t been that high since September 2012, the goal of Bank of Mexico for this month was 3% which means that the interest rates might go up and even the subjacent inflation index “triggered up” Mexican economy crumbles down far away from that electoral campaign promise that Mexicans would earn more for their jobs.

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