Korean President, Kim Jong-nam misteriously murdered

Korean President, Kim Jong-nam misteriously murdered

Feb 15, 2017

Kim Jong Un stood to gain so little from assassinating his own half-brother that such a killing would be little more than a senseless murder by an increasingly paranoid regime, according to experts and officials.

Intelligence agencies in South Korea believe the dictator’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, was killed by two women at an airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The reports out of Malaysia read like the pages of a spy thriller, alleging the women approached Kim in broad daylight while he was waiting for a flight, and used needles, spray or a chemical-soaked cloth to poison him, before fleeing in a taxi.

These details have been unconfirmed by NBC News, but on Wednesday local police said that security footage led them to arrest one woman carrying a Vietnamese passport.

If this was indeed an assassination, it was almost certainly North Korean in origin, according to Professor Hazel Smith, director of the International Institute of Korean Studies at Britain’s University of Central Lancashire.

“If confirmed, this looks like pure vindictiveness by the leadership … this is an irrational act,” she said. “Kim Jong Nam was not a political figure and not associated with any fugitives outside of the country … [so killing him] is not strategic or protective, and not retaliatory.”

While they have different mothers, Kim Jong Nam and Kim Jong Un are both sons of former North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

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