UABC accomplishes transparency mandate before legal deadline

UABC accomplishes transparency mandate before legal deadline

Feb 15, 2017

At the end of 2016 the National Transparency System mofdified lines and added additional formats, extending the deadline for the so called “mandated subjects” to deliver their respective information kits until May 4th   but the Autonomous University of Baja California, stepped ahead beforehand and has accomplished all the requirements for the National Platform before that deadline.

Thus, UABC anticipates the accomplishment of the transparency and public accountability norms according to whet the National System of Transparency, Public Data Access and Personal Data Protection mandates, in order to become a more transparent organization.

“The fact that we accomplished the new Transparency Law ordainments with such big anticipation, speaks well about the disposition and willingness that the UABC has regarding being transparent and put our institutional information in the hands of the community:, said Dean Juan Manuel Ocegueda.

This way, people from all over the State, the country or the world will be able to get or obtain information about the UABC, which had been criticized  for “not being transparent enough” by some sectors of Baja California society but now they have the university’s data and information available for everyone who wants to consult it.

Ocegueda sumbitted the required documentation to Francisco Postlethwaite Duhagón, President of Baja California institute of Ttransparency and Public Information Access (Itaipbc in Spanish) which is the organization in charge of this matter in Baja California.

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