The water for the water goes on in Mexicali

The water for the water goes on in Mexicali

Feb 23, 2017


Mexicali Civic Center has become a battlefield, in front of the Government buildings, John Deere and International Harvest machines are part of the scenery even when they should be in the fields, working, farmers have arrived there demonstrating and protesting against what they call “water robbery”, altogether with January demonstrations  which have become steady  since then, with teachers, militants and social leaders, young people who had paid heed to the social media call and gathered there for several demonstrations.00001 1

Water, vital element for human survival is now the center of controversy in Mexicali due to the arrival of “cerveza CORONA” under the name Constellation Brands (CB) to install a brewing plant which the State Government says will be a development trigger and a water predator by civil organizations who protest and press to obstruct the company’s operation.

Jorge Burgos, CB representative, gave an interview to LA VOZ de LA FRONTERA and said that the Company is here to stay and won’t leave, as he’s done in the shows of Rosa Leon and Colilá Eguía, saying that their brewery will yield jobs and swears to god that they won’t deplete the water reserve of Mexicali Valley, however, his figures are hard to understand.

CB is already building a plant in EL CCHOROPO near Sal Felipe highway, with hundreds of workers which have arrived from Southern Mexico (as ALEJANDRO CERECER, reporter with THE BAJA POST informed) earning 14 thousand pesos a month, another thing that calls attention is the partial opening attitude of CB perhaps due to the popular rejection, but in fact there are several questions that haven’t really been answered.

How many Jobs are they going to create? Which will be their water expense in liters/second? How much will they really invest and what is their expected Return Rate for such an amount? Do they have any social benefit plan for Mexicali?, all corporations and/or companies are socially committed to the community that hosts them and we haven’t seen much social empathy because creating jobs is not enough, there are social lags and burdens that might be part of the deal for CB to come to Mexicali, but the private sector has never been known for their “social responsibility”.

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