Fifth anniversary of the art passage

Fifth anniversary of the art passage

Mar 1, 2017

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The Baja Post

Saturday the 26th of February, in the local civic center, one of the most important cultural events of the state capital of Baja took place, The 5th Mexicali festival of the Passages of Art.

Pasaje del Arte is a community movement created by the  tenants of the  civic center  that are located in the zone of passages,  distant from  the space where the local and federal headquarters of  the government buildings are established, where there is a heavy presence of office workers as of people who apply for services, rights, or pay   government services.

Comparing with the government zone, the passages of the civic center are an abandoned area because the buildings and offices suffer from the lack of parking lots, a situation  that led to the abandonment of tenants and buildings.

So five year ago, a group of neighbors decided to undertake the dream of giving life to the abandoned passages through the recuperation of the space enhancing manifestation of art as a way of reactivating life in abandoned area, that are also part of the space that represents the presence sovereign powers in this capital city

This year in its fifth festival gathers a multitude of sellers of organic and local products, the presence of art craft beers producer, the Mater Sound, and the Catrina singing and dancing cumbias, like a dozen of other performance and dancing groups from Baja.

The main paintings events consisted in two exposition galleries, one was the First collective exposition mounted by a group of young artists working together in the idea that “ Art  is a way to enforce citizen  rights and social participation enhances development in communities”, the artist who participates in the group are: Isabel Gallardo; David Tabasco; Isella Quiñonez, Mireya Sánchez and Rohudi.

The other is the workshop of art  “Portela”, so if you came down to Mexicali, don’t forget to look if there’s something going on in El Pasaje del Arte.

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